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Guillaume Bougard in a Studio looking at a computer with artists.
Guillaume Bougard


My name is Guillaume Bougard.

I dreamed of the TABOU1 platform, and the TABOU1 team made that dream a reality by building and running it. I will introduce the TABOU1 team, or better yet, they will present themselves to you in a separate blog entry.

Today, I'd like to discuss my promises to you and what inspired me to launch the TABOU1 Platform. The TABOU1 platform comes with a promise attached to it.

TABOU1 and I promise to provide all of our users with:

Excellent music by legendary artists in both digital and vinyl formats that will never be available anywhere else.

The sales will pay artists a fair price for their work so they can continue to create more beauty and grace, and will help reforest damaged ecosystems.

Why did I want to take this leap into the unknown and launch instead of continuing what I've done over the years? For those who do not know me, my passion has been to produce records with some of Jamaica’s most prestigious artists and to advocate for their rights by helping them sue major labels and copyright societies to receive what's rightfully theirs and stop the theft of royalties. This topic is controversial and extensive, so you will see TABOU1 addressing it in several blog entries in the future. The issue must be addressed because it's significant, not only for the artists but also for all of you; the users and fans.

I created because I believe that Web3 technologies can help offer music more effectively while building a new, genuine business model where artists are compensated properly for their art, and customers can regain some of the revenue they lost with the advent of streaming.

Why should anyone care about these issues?

  • We believe that, together, we have a unique opportunity to change for the better how music is sold, experienced, and how artists are paid.
  • We believe in a world where humans choose the music (and art) they want to enjoy independently rather than outsider influences like AI or the status quo.
  • We believe in music created by humans with their hearts and souls, rather than AI-generated sounds designed for ever-shrinking attention spans and forced upon us by some soulless platforms.
  • We believe in a world where artists are not treated like cattle and receive the real value of their work instead of the infinitesimal amounts determined by some obscure algorithm thrown at them as mere pennies.
  • We believe in a world where we all help each other according to our own abilities and capabilities, where we support each other rather than trying to grab and snatch, where we all elevate ourselves by striving to be good, where the big guy helps the small one.
  • Lastly, we believe that many music lovers want the practicality of digital and the warmth of vinyl while supporting their favorite artists.

Technology has much to offer, but humans must be in the driver's seat. It makes our work easier, faster, and more efficient so we can spend time doing things that we genuinely love, so we can free more time to spend with our loved ones, learn new skills, read books, listen to records, create art, meditate, garden, do charity work, get more sleep, exercise, and more, or just do nothing and enjoy our freedom.

Blockchain technology is a marvelous tool that can be used for the greater good. One key reason smart contracts are wonderful is that, for the first time, royalties can be paid directly to artists with no middleman, no giant corporation putting their hands in the money pot and taking more than they should. The blockchain will at last prevent major labels from stealing artists and will be an instrument of justice.

"If you are the big tree

We are the small axe

Ready to cut you down"

- Bob Marley

All of these are great ideas, but ideas are thoughts, and thoughts are worthless if they remain mere thoughts. So, let's strive to turn them into reality where listeners and artists get a fair deal, and we can continue serving everyone for the better. This is a magnificent challenge, and we are ready to tackle it. The outcome will be positive for everyone.

Positive vibrations for all – isn't that enticing?

Like Bob Marley used to sing, "One Love".

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Guillaume Bougard in a Studio looking at a computer with artists.
Guillaume Bougard