TABOU1's Evolution

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Yonatan Nathanson
Yonatan Nathanson

Hey there, music enthusiast! Welcome to the TABOU1 blog, where we're excited to share our remarkable journey and evolution in the world of Jamaican music and NFTs with you.

Established almost three decades ago, TABOU1 has been a steadfast pillar in the realm of Jamaican music, embodying the very essence of "Roots With Quality." Our journey has been marked by an unwavering commitment to excellence and a profound passion for reggae music. We take immense pride in being the driving force behind legendary artists like Sly & Robbie, Bitty McLean, U Roy, Horace Andy, and many more. What's even more remarkable is that Sly and Robbie's estate holds a stake in TABOU1, solidifying our status as pioneers in the world of reggae music.

In keeping with the ever-evolving digital landscape, we are forging ahead by delving into the transformative world of blockchain technology. We've ventured into the realm of NFTs, soon offering a carefully curated selection of high-quality, premium music experiences. Through this curation, we aim to provide a safer and more secure shopping experience for buyers while safeguarding the interests of the incredibly talented artists we collaborate with.

It’s all about delivering an exclusive, top-notch experience and our offerings seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds, resulting in a unique and unforgettable musical journey that leaves you wanting for nothing. When you acquire a TABOU1 NFT, you're not just purchasing music; you're collecting free bonus songs that allow you to create remarkable compilations. As you complete these compilations, you'll unlock a treasure trove of previously unreleased tracks.

NFTs serve as digital counterparts to physical collectibles, and the beauty of owning one is the freedom to resell it at any time on secondary marketplaces. While you enjoy your NFT collection, you also play a crucial role in helping artists generate secondary royalties, ensuring that the artists you adore continue to flourish.

We are dedicated to ensuring artists receive a fair share of the pie. In contrast to traditional music streaming platforms, we go the extra mile by paying royalties on secondary sales. This means artists benefit not only from their primary NFT sale but also from the resale value.

We also understand the importance of environmental responsibility. Our NFTs are stored on the environmentally sustainable Polygon blockchain. We're actively engaged in environmental initiatives and have partnered with Planta & Canta in Buenos Aires to plant trees and rejuvenate our planet. Additionally, we support the ACRE Reforestation project in Myanmar, donating a portion of our revenues to both causes.

So we're not just a platform for music enthusiasts; we're a community where art, the environment, and enjoyment harmoniously coexist. By becoming a part of our community, you contribute to our journey, supporting artists, benefiting the environment, and, most importantly, savoring a delightful and memorable experience.

Come, join us, and let's make music, art, and the world a better place together!

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